DNP Celebrates National Photography Month

DNP Celebrates National Photography Month 
Rediscover the joy of print with DNP’s range of award-winning dye sublimation printers
Concord, North Carolina – May is National Photography Month and DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation is committed to encouraging all to rediscover the joy of a print.  An estimated 1.2 trillion photos will be taken worldwide this year, but less than 1% of those pictures will be printed; eventually most will be deleted to make space for more.  DNP - DS620A
Throughout May, DNP will run a contest in which participants have a chance to win a DS620A printer and a case of 6×8” media. To enter, participants can post their favorite photograph to the DNP IAM Facebook page ( or Instagram #DNPPhoto and a short paragraph about why they should win. It’s that easy!
DNP wants to promote the benefits of bringing your favorite photos to life through the power of print. Printed photographs provide a deeper emotional connection that a like, comment, or share on social media can’t replace for those who give and receive them.
DNP’s range of award-winning printers provides the capability to print from a camera, cell phone, tablet or computer, making it easier than ever to select and print your favorite photographs. Using dye-sublimation technology, high-quality prints are produced in seconds and are immediately dry to the touch, so there is no need to hold them by the edges for fear of damaging them.
“We have entered an exciting era in photography, driven by the availability of steadily improving camera technology integrated into our mobile devices. While more images are being captured, we need to do more to educate consumers about the ways to get these images off their devices and be able to enjoy them for years to come,” said Katsuyuki Oshima, President of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “We are delighted to participate in National Photography Month and encourage more people to print as part of this month-long celebration.”
DNP offers a range of dye-sublimation printer technology including its flagship DS620A—the world’s most compact professional-grade photo printer that can produce up to 400 prints per hour. The DS620A provides a wide range of print size options—from 2×6” photo strips to 6×20” panoramic prints in glossy, matte, or luster finishes.
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About DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) 
DNP IAM is a 100 percent U.S. subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) – the world’s largest manufacturer of dye-sublimation media for photo printers and thermal transfer ribbons and barcode printers.
DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation has the broadest selection of solutions for the photo retail market and products designed to address retailer’s specific business goals and objectives—backed by the quality and reliability today’s customers expect. Manufacturing, sales and development offices of dye-sublimation media for photo printers is located in Concord, NC, and more information is available at
About DNP
DNP, founded in 1876, is the world’s largest diversified printing/coating technologies company. At its 70 production plants, both in Japan and overseas, DNP’s operations include commercial printing, packaging, decorative materials, electronics, business forms, and imaging products.
Over 25 years ago, DNP was one of the earliest organizations to pioneer dye-sublimation media—and the first company to start business development in thermal transfer ribbons. DNP has since grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of dye-sublimation media and thermal transfer ribbons.  For more information, please visit