Benihana Creates Great Guest Memories with DNP’s DS40™ Printer

Benihana Creates Great Guest Memories with DNP’s DS40™ Printer
CONCORD, North Carolina – Benihana is a chain of Japanese-inspired restaurants that is renowned for its theatrical teppanyaki cooking style where dishes are prepared on hot grills in front of customers. The corporate tagline “Creating great guest memories!” perfectly captures the chain’s commitment to creating exceptional customer experiences in all 72 of its restaurants across the United States. DNP_Benihana
Triprism, a digital event photography and imaging service provider, was tasked with creating a turnkey photography printing solution for the busy chain of restaurants. Tim Justice, President of Triprism, needed to develop a custom solution for the unique set of challenges facing the restaurants. “Restaurants want to focus on selling food. Managers don’t want to waste time changing media or waiting a long time for a photo to print,” he said. “We switched to DNP DS40™ printers in 2011 because of their superior speed, durability, and reliability compared to anything else on the market.”
The DS40 media roll has 400 sheets per roll when printing 4×6” prints, so there is less downtime replacing media and staff spends less time at the printer. “Our managers are pulled in a lot of directions,” said Jenna Folk, Director of Marketing at Benihana. “The way the printers are so streamlined, it really allows managers to focus on our guests, which is always our primary concern.”
At any Benihana restaurant, customers can get a photo print of the occasion, which results in a large volume of pictures being printed over the course of a printer’s lifetime. According to Justice, the DNP DS40 printers are very reliable and can withstand the high volume of work. “DNP printheads have impressive longevity – we usually reach 50,000 to 60,000 prints before the printhead wears out – which means less maintenance work and increased project profitability for us,” he said.
DNP’s award-winning DS40 dye-sublimation printer is a compact, inexpensive, and powerful production printer that uses a high resolution dye-sublimation process to produce professional-grade photos with impressive full-color details. The DS40 can print full bleed 4×6”, 6×8”, and 5×7” high quality images, as well as a multitude of photo strip options from its special perforated media derivatives.
Not only is the DS40 versatile, but it is also fast — 4×6” prints are produced at print speeds of 8.9 seconds per print. At only 12.6-inches wide by 14-inches deep by 6.6-inches high the DS40 printer is designed to save space and can be stacked for high-output locations.
Due to the simple transfer method and the roll-fed design, the DS40 printer can be run for extended periods of continuous use with minimal downtime. The roll design also allows the printer to hold large amounts of media for printing – the DS40 can print 400 4×6” prints before a media reload is necessary. In addition, the DS40 features easy access front-loading of media and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
Not only is Benihana impressed by the speed, versatility, and reliability of the DS40, but also by the media and the quality of the prints. “The clarity and vibrancy of the color in the prints is truly remarkable,” said Folk. “Benihana is a bright environment – the stainless steel grills, the lights, and the bright colors of the restaurants are all truly portrayed in the printed photographs.”
By utilizing a donor ribbon and lamination coating during the dye-sublimation printing process, the DS40 produces prints in a protective layer that provides resistance to common elements such as dust, water, fingerprints, and fading — guaranteeing photos printed by the DS40 will last for decades.
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