Compton Event Uses DNP’s DS40 and DS80 Printers Bring Custom Experiences Nationwide

Compton Event Uses DNP’s DS40 and DS80 Printers  Bring Custom Experiences Nationwide


Our DNP printers take a beating, and continuously produce quality results.

Last year we printed over 230,000 prints – that’s reliability!”


Concord, North Carolina – Compton Event is an event services business founded in 2009 by Bob Compton. When Bob was disappointed with the quality of photos taken of his daughter when she was performing in a theatrical production, he decided to take matters into his own hands and Bob Compton Photography was born. comptonimage


Drawing on his experience as a long-time avid photographer, Bob created innovative and fun products for the performers and their families and perfected a multi-camera process to capture the drama of a live production. While at an Imaging expo, Bob attended a seminar on green screen photography. He spotted an opportunity to create a custom system for fast-paced entertainment using this technology, and created a niche market within the meetings and conventions industry.


“For us, speed and reliability are the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a printer,” said Compton. “If you are among thousands of people going through our booth in an evening, you don’t want to be told that our printer is down!”


For Compton, the DNP DS40 and DS80 deliver on the speed and reliability required for the high-volume printing at his events. “Our DNP printers take a beating, and continuously produce quality results,” he said. “Whether it is an outdoor event in the cold or the heat, or constant rough handling, we have never had an instance where our DNP printers let us down. Last year we printed over 230,000 prints. That is reliablilty!”


DNP’s award-winning DS40 and DS80 dye-sublimation printers are compact, inexpensive, and powerful production printers that use a high-resolution dye-sublimation process to produce professional-grade photos with impressive full-color details. The DS40 can print full bleed 4×6”, 6×8”, and 5×7” high quality images, as well as a multitude of photo strip options from its special perforated media derivatives.


Compton Event prides itself on using the latest and most innovative technologies to deliver the highest quality results. Bob Compton constantly looks to innovate with the equipment in order to be the fastest and most consistent provider. “Our green screen systems are unique, custom designed products,” he said. “In each self-contained rolling cart we have packaged two DNPhigh-speed DS-series printers, a Mac Mini, a dual-channel hotspot, two 500-LED lights, a DSLR, two iPad kiosks, and more. This system has taken our setup time from over an hour to less than 20 minutes, while taking up much less floor space. But convenience is not the only benefit, the print quality is phenomenal!”


Compton currently owns 10 DS-40’s and four DS-80’s. “I found DNP printers at a photography expo. We had been using another brand, but needed a more durable, front-loading design to fit our plans,” said Compton. “We also needed to standardize on a long-term solution. In our business, consistency of color, fast load time, and durability are imperative and the DNP product line delivers.”


Because of the simple transfer method and the roll-fed design, the DS40 printer can be run for extended periods of continuous use with minimal downtime. The roll design also allows the printer to hold large amounts of media for printing – the DS40 can print 400 4×6” prints before a media reload is necessary. In addition, the DS40 features easy access front-loading of media and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.


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